Replicating Yourself

If I gave you one word to define management success, it would be it repetition. If you have 10 of You to work for Youhow good it will be You do today? Your answer had better be cool (otherwise you’ll have to shoot yourself!). The fact of the matter is that you were promoted to manager because you were a really good employee. In fact, you were probably the best and that’s why you got the manager’s job. If you want to build a great team, simply recruit, train and retain 10 of you!

Now let’s put this theory into practice. how do you do that? Once you identify your standard bearers, who I assume have the same qualities and characteristics as you (integrity, work ethic, positive attitude, intellect, relationship skills, etc.) you begin to teach them what you did and make you so successful. In other words, you find people like yourself and then you simply teach them, day in and day out, how to engineer your success; Simply! If you do this long enough, soon enough they will cloning your performance. Once you have one employee doing this, you can simply move on to the next until your entire team has you molded!

The key is here education How can they be like you, no demonstration How to be like you by doing the work for them. Many managers confuse these two. They believe that to model performance and teach people how to succeed, they should simply make a transaction in front of them (for sales managers, this would be selling a deal). As soon as you own prover In the right way and witnessed by the employee Shazam! – They are now just like you! Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. There is a saying, “You can catch a fish and feed someone for a day, or you can teach them to fish and feed them for a lifetime!” In the example I gave you Catch They have a fish. What you really have to do is Know them to hunt.

Teach your employees to fish just like you!

Let me give you some simple steps to teach your people how to fish:

Get your employees into a daily training regiment: You cannot teach employees by force-feeding a body of knowledge in a short period of time. You need to teach them bite-sized pieces (skills) over time Usual information. This means first having a training program and then spending no more than 30 minutes a day getting them to study and learn.

Have them practice and role play: Don’t just preach, make it happen Practice what do you preach They will never create habits without daily practice and repetition. It is a prerequisite for success.

Watch their actions and behavior: Monitor their actions and behavior daily to make adjustments. You want to realize mistakes before they become bad habits. through building good habitsOver time, the results will always be excellent!

Follow this simple process for 30 days and you will see a huge improvement in your employees. You’ll see the best performance wherever you look. I will see you!

Source by Dale Vermillion

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