Are You Having Sleepless Nights Because of Your Finances?

You worked hard all day and come home at night, only to find out you can’t relax in your bed. You’re tossing and turning for more than three hours. At 3 am it gets close, you finally go to sleep but the alarm is beeping too fast at 6 am. It’s time to go to work. The second day comes and you are again in the usual rat race. Repeat the same pattern once you get home. Later that night, you lie in bed, thinking about how to pay all these bills. Despite your best efforts on the job, including overtime, it just never seems to be enough. What can you do? Who can you turn to?

Does this sound like you? Are you a Christian who has sleepless nights because of your finances? Here are the top five reasons I found why people condemn:

1) Try to live beyond their means. Get acquainted with the Jones.

2) Loss of work and backlog of bills

3) Money management is not taught

4) Divorce and the other party charges cards in the division process

5) Impulse shopping

I too was a victim. Not just one, but two of these debt drivers. My husband was also having financial problems, and he was still on this list. Being in debt has a way of controlling you and making you not think clearly. People who are in debt tend to act out of fear – eg they ignore phone calls because it might be a collection agency on the other end. How many calls did they miss? or they may write a check in the hope that it will clear the bank; They know full well that they have spent money on luxuries and other needless excesses which have caused insufficient funds in the bank account.

If any of this sounds like you or someone you know, assure them that they can get out of debt without filing for bankruptcy. They should ask for help and not let pride or embarrassment get in the way of getting help.

Source by Taffy Wagner

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