What Are Today’s Current Mortgage Rates – Is it Better to Get a 30 Year Or 15 Year Fixed Rate in TX

Mortgage rates today: (Texas)

30-year fixed rate 6.375% 6.606%

Fixed rate for 20 years 6.375% 6.680%

Fixed rate for 15 years 5.875% 6.252%

5-year ARM rate 5.750% 5.740%

Texas Jumbo Home Loans – Amounts over matching loan limits of $417,000. Remember, a jumbo home mortgage loan is a home loan in excess of $417,000. Normally, if the client has good enough credit, I’d like to do an 80/20 or 80/15 to keep the first mortgage under $417,000.

However, today’s jumbo mortgage rates are:

40/30 Fixed Price Balloons 8.250% 8.404%

30 years flat 7.750% 7.913%

Fixed for 15 years 6.625% 6.875%

Remember that good economic news tends to raise mortgage rates and bad economic news tends to lower mortgage rates.

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For example, immediately after September 11th, the economy took a huge hit. mortgage rates when they reach the 4% range; This sparked a refinancing boom.

Recently, there have been many positive economic reports such as a 0.9% increase in GDP. So guess what mortgage rates have gone up? Good economic news, mortgage rate hike…

If you are considering buying or refinancing a home, this is a great time as your mortgage rate may continue to rise. We also help people refinance home equity cash on investment properties.

If you would like to refinance an investment property or withdraw principal (cash) from your investment home, please complete this mortgage application.

Or call us at 512-996-8194 and let’s discuss your goals. There is absolutely no obligation to speak to us and we will send you a free copy of your credit report.

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