Why I Love Using Door Hangers In My Mortgage Business

Every day we pass through hundreds of doors without even thinking about it. How would you like to be able to get people to stop and notice your mortgage marketing message?

The answer is a “door hanger” or if you prefer a “door handle hanger”.

If you’re anything like me, you probably love closing a mortgage using the idea of ​​a low-cost origination. The over door hanger certainly fits into this category and is a great construction tool.

Here are some of the advantages of using door hangers:

1. It is inexpensive,

2. It is easy to create,

3. The response is almost instantaneous.

4. They help you to establish an agricultural area,

5. It can target a specific market,

6. Someone is going to get a lot of good exercise.

As mentioned above… there are a lot of very good reasons why you would want to include the idea of ​​a door hanger in your marketing plan. But, here’s the most important reason of all: You’ll get an immediate response with our door hangers. If you’re new to the mortgage business…that’s exactly what you want…you want prospects now…not next week, not next month, and definitely not next year.

If you’re old with mortgages but have a bit of a lull in your business… this provides a jump start to finding some new possibilities.

And remember… this is a low cost mortgage creation that you can do right away. If you need work… and you won’t incorporate this idea… I really can’t help you… you have other issues that need to be addressed immediately.

I’m sure you are aware that door hangers are designed to be used as a single effort to get prospects. There is no follow up because there is no contact information. Just when your mortgage prospect contacts you is the beginning of any kind of two-way communication. Door Hangers aims to get your message across quickly, efficiently, cheaply, and in bulk.

So…your door hanger is delivered. What next and what to expect?

First, we hope you will receive prompt calls. In fact, unless you are prepared to collect information during your application; You may need to turn off your phone for an hour until it is convenient for you to call back.

Secondly, you may come across people who are willing to strike up a conversation with you right then and there. Just be prepared for that

Third, the shelf life of door hangers is short, usually three or four days at most. This is an immediate response idea with no long term residual value.

Fourth, your response numbers will approach the direct mail response rate without the associated costs. Expect a response of 1% to 2%.

Fifth, you will get complaints. Don’t worry about it; Just know that you will get it. You’ll find they fall into two categories, both of which revolve around that little sign placed at the entrance to the complex where you put your door hanger. It reads: “no solicitation” or something similar.

You may receive a call from a resident asking for it in reality. Apologize profusely and move on. Your response is: “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to offend… I’ve done several refinances in the community and everyone is so happy… I am providing a valuable service to your community.”

If you just raid a tenant community…you’ll get a call from an unhappy property manager. If you don’t get this call; They are not doing their job. So, expect the call and be prepared.

They will call you and threaten to call either the police or the local police. Here’s your response: “I’m sorry… I didn’t realize… It won’t happen again I can assure you.” Be humble, apologize, and de-escalate the situation.

Just so you know… I’m not aware of any people in the mortgage industry serving prison terms for violating that small posted mark. This is not a crime that puts you in foreclosure jail, trust me.

In the case of a rental community, I usually wait a year and then do it again. You can always blame your employees (even if you don’t have one). Next time…but, chances are there will be a new property manager yelling at you instead. It is delivered at approximately the same rate as the units are rented.

Well, back to the basics… let’s choose a target for your door hanger. It may be a rental community or residential area of ​​single-family homes, condos, or townhouses. Obviously, if your door hangers are geared toward rents, your theme could be “rent is a danger to their fortune,” or something similar to that.

For residences, a refinance post with free report is always a good option. Either way, give them a reason to contact you now… give them something for free if they respond.

Personally, I prefer delivering my door ties to rental communities, townhouses, and condos versus neighborhoods with single-family homes. Why? Because I can deliver a large number of posts in a very short period of time.

I also like to drop them off on Saturday morning. You can either count this as your workout time or hire two kids to put on doors in a specific neighborhood. If you employ children…you must obtain parental permission and supervise the placement of door hangers.

You can purchase a blank door hanger that is already perforated and print it yourself. Here are some sources you can review or use a Google search if you prefer. You will have a lot of options.

paper.com/index.html – Use the search box and type “door hangers”. The 3-Door Hanger measures 8.5″ X 11″ and comes in a 250-sheet pack (750 door hangers) for $33.08 plus S&H.

pcform.com/doorhanger.asp – 3-up in a 250-sheet pack (750 door hangers) is

Priced at $45.00, 1500 door hangers for $72.00 etc.

kwiktickets.com/updh_3up1.html – Their triple pack has 333 sheets each. One package equals 1000 door hangers for $28.00. Available in white, green, blue or yellow.

You can also create your own post with a full page post.

First… layout a good flyer on letter sized yellow paper. Use the entire page. If you’re targeting a neighborhood… use a refinance theme like “Don’t miss out on the boat, rates never go down.” If it’s a rented community… “Rent is dangerous to your fortune” is a good option to use.

Second… let’s take this full page post and turn it into a door hanger.

Fold the flyer exactly as if you were going to put it in an envelope…in thirds. The secret here is to fold your flyer with the print on the outside so that the first third is visible and readable even when it’s folded.

Third… while folding… make one central hole in one end and loop an elastic band through it for hanging. You’re done…so simple…so fast…and so inexpensive. Now… let’s hand them over.

KEEP THIS LITTLE GEM AT THE BACK OF YOUR MIND… There are so many door knobs that need door hangers.

Source by Tom Domin

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