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Learning about real world jobs that relate to your field of study can be an amazing experience. You will be working alongside those who do this type of work day in and day out. This information can increase your passion for the career path you are in. It may help you narrow down a specific area of ​​the field you wish to delve into.

With a summer internship at Citi, you will have an unforgettable opportunity to join in such educational experiences. These positions are limited though and you need to pay attention to the application deadlines. You also need to submit all required materials with your application. Otherwise, you may not get the position you really want.

large financial institution

It is one of the largest financial institutions available. They want to do their part to help encourage others to get involved in the financial world. There is a wide range of job types that fall under their umbrella of services. Citi’s various summer internship areas include finance, technology, human resources, global transaction services, and commodities.

Apply for the ones you are most interested in. If you apply for more than one, you can only choose one to participate in. However, applying in more than one area improves your chances of being selected. If you accept more than one, your dilemma at this point will be deciding which one to accept. This is a bridge you can cross when you get to it!

Who can apply?

You are eligible to apply for a summer internship at Citi if you are a junior or senior in college, are a graduate student, or have recently graduated from college. In addition to work skills and experience, they are looking for those who excel in the areas of communication and integrity. Passion for a career in business is a strong asset that they look to when making a decision.

You can apply for a job in the USA, Africa, Europe or the Middle East. They have a very diverse work culture with locations all over the world. Being able to work at your location or get an internship in a place you would like to travel can be very attractive.


It is also encouraging to be paid for your participation in a Citi Summer Internship. This is good news because many companies offer internships without payment. They feel that the experience they teach you is enough compensation. Being able to work for an excellent company like this and get paid to do so is the icing on the cake!

How much you’ll earn depends on where you work and the combined entry level salary offered by Citi Bank in that region. Details of hours and payment for the position can be discussed once an offer has been made to you.

The app that rocks

As you can imagine, there are a lot of people applying for various opportunities. You need a great application to be considered for a summer internship position at Citi. Complete the application accurately and provide as much information as possible. Your supporting documents including your resume and cover letter must be exceptional.

Focus on sharing your experiences, education, and future goals related to the business world. You will need to submit letters of recommendation, so ask for them early. Get it from professionals you’ve worked with, long-term family friends, former employers, and others who know your work ethic and personality. A summer internship at Citi can be a dream come true!

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