Home Base Loan Officer Positions

If you are a loan officer looking for greater freedom and flexibility in your work day, you may want to consider a home loan officer position.

Most mortgage brokerage stores will allow you to work from home once they have been trained in their system and you have become accustomed to their products and services.

Most mortgage companies, including banks, prefer mortgage representatives to work from home because it saves the company money in the way of office space.

Finding a home base loan officer job shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re looking in the right places. Most of the loan officer jobs you see in coveted ads and on hot Yahoo jobs put work from home in their job description.

Working from home can have its challenges at times, so make sure it is the right choice for you.

For example, I was a loan officer working for a mortgage company. After six months of learning the ropes at the office, I made the decision to work from home.

After working from my home for three months, I was starting to feel lonely. I’m starting to miss the friend I had with my co-workers at the office.

I’m starting to feel like I’m no longer part of the rat race.

And although I was provided with all the equipment needed to run my home office, I still felt like I was lacking some of the resources that a large office had to offer.

My advice to you would be this. If you decide to work from home, consider partnering with another loan officer to work with you. It’s clearly someone you love and trust, just so you have someone to bounce things off of, if nothing else.

Or work alone from your home for a while to see how you like it. If you start to feel like the environment is a bit stagnant, consider bringing in another loan officer to work with you.

Ultimately, if a primary loan officer position is what you want, it may be a perfect fit for you. The beauty of the Loan Officer position is that many options are available to us, so if you don’t like the home atmosphere, go back to the office.

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