Don’t Marry Him Unless You’ve Done These 6 Things

Don’t Marry Him Unless You’ve Done These 6 Things


1. Have a really ugly cry.

It’s important that he is able to see you ugly cry at least once for a number of reasons. For one, you’re going to be able to gauge how he’s going to take care of you when your sadness is going to drive you into hysterics. It’s a way of testing his empathy and support. Another reason is that if he sees you ugly cry, and he still loves you despite how you look, then you definitely know that that love is for real.


2. Go off the rails with your anger.

You can’t ALWAYS let your anger get the best of you. But it’s best that you do so at least once and see if he’s still going to be willing to stick around after that. If he is, then you definitely know that that’s true love.


3. Go grocery shopping together.

Is he going to be able to tolerate your very slow and meticulous process of going about grocery shopping? Remember, this is something that the two of you are probably going to have to do together for the rest of your lives if you’re going to get married.


4. Have a serious vomit.

Vomiting is gross. There’s really no sugarcoating it. Whenever you vomit, you can bet that that isn’t going to be most flattering image of yourself. And so if he sees you vomit, and he still wants to love you and take care of you, then that’s always a good sign. You can get as drunk or as sick as you want; he’s always going to tolerate your gross emissions of stomach fluids.


5. Pee or fart in front of him.

These are perfectly natural bodily processes – but they are also pretty gross. Usually, you would want to do these things in private. Or at the very least, when you fart, you want to make sure that it’s a silent one so that people wouldn’t know that it was you. But when you’re really deep into the relationship, it might be okay to start doing these things in front of one another. There shouldn’t really be that much to hide anymore.

6. Poop in front of him.

This is essentially a lot like the previous entry – except you’re just taking things a step further. And that’s a pretty significant step. That’s a level of grossness that not many couples are able to tolerate in one another.


7. Have him witness a bloody pad or tampon.

Menstruation isn’t necessarily something that a lot of men are going to be able to understand well or be comfortable with. So naturally, if your guy expresses a healthy tolerance with you on this matter, then he’s definitely reached a level of comfort with you that he hasn’t reached with many other women. This isn’t something that grosses him out as much as you would think.

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