Top 5 Most Expensive Property in Islamabad

Expensive Property in Islamabad

Reasons to Invest in Real Estate in Islamabad

Top Most Expensive Property

-Hyde Park One

-Grande Palladium

-River Courtyard Tower 2

-Grand Orchard

-Zameen Ace Mall

Islamabad is more than just a political centre; it’s a thriving urban landscape known for its scenic beauty, serenity, and remarkable real estate opportunities. Nestled against the backdrop of the Margalla Hills, this city offers a unique blend of modernity and tranquillity, making it a prime destination for property investment. The dream of owning the most expensive property in Islamabad is not merely a real estate pursuit; it represents a gateway to prosperity, a symbol of security, and a connection to the city’s promising future.

This blog delves into the multifaceted importance of acquiring a property in Islamabad and highlights the most expensive properties we have to offer.

Most Expensive Property in Islamabad

Projects Location What’s on Offer Price (PKR)
Zameen Ace Mall DHA Defence Phase 2, Islamabad Shops PKR 65.68 Lakh to 11.11 Crore
Grand Orchard DHA Defence Phase 1, Islamabad Shops, Flats PKR 31.15 Lakh to 10.22 Crore
River Courtyard Tower 2 Bahria Intellectual Village, Islamabad/Rawalpindi Flats, Penthouse PKR 1.37 Crore to 5.71 Crore
Grande Palladium Bahria Town, Islamabad Shops, Flats PKR 65 Lakh to 4.73 Crore
Hyde Park One Canyon Views Cvrp, Islamabad Shops, Flats PKR 90.92 Lakh to 4.46 Crore

Why Invest in Islamabad Real Estate?

Known for its planned layout, scenic beauty, world-class infrastructure, and vibrant political activity, the capital city has a lot to offer to property investors. The real estate market in Islamabad has been steadily gaining importance for several reasons, making it a lucrative investment opportunity for both local and international investors. While finding the perfect property can be a challenge, the advantages of investing in Islamabad are numerous. Here are the key reasons why property investment in Islamabad is an attractive proposition.

Panoramic view of Islamabad with the Margalla Hills in the background
A panoramic view of the capital city nestled amidst lush greenery.

Foreign Investment

Islamabad’s real estate market has seen an influx of foreign investment, particularly from overseas Pakistanis and expatriates seeking property in the capital city. These investments have contributed to the sector’s growth and diversity.

High Return on Investments (ROI)

Investing in Islamabad’s real estate market offers a high return on investment (ROI) due to its consistent growth. Property owners can generate income by renting out their properties or waiting for significant price appreciation before selling. However, it’s essential to consider factors like property location, condition, and market conditions to maximize profits.

Hub for all Political Activities

Islamabad’s significance as Pakistan’s political hub ensures a stable and secure environment. It hosts various political institutions, foreign delegations, and local events, making it an attractive location for real estate investment. The city’s geopolitical importance contributes to its excellent security, which is crucial for property investors.

Vacation Home in Islamabad

Apart from politics, Islamabad is a popular tourist destination, making it ideal for those seeking a vacation home. Owning a property in the city can be cost-effective for frequent visitors who may otherwise spend on temporary accommodation. Additionally, property owners can rent their homes when they’re not in the city, providing an additional source of income.

Dotted with Tourist Attractions

Islamabad’s appeal extends beyond politics, with a wealth of tourist attractions, including the iconic Faisal Mosque, Pakistan Monument, Daman-e-Koh, Margalla Hills, and Rawal Lake. The city’s proximity to scenic spots like Murree, Nathia Gali, and Thandiani makes it an attractive destination for tourists and property investors alike.

Safety and Security

One of the standout advantages of investing in Islamabad is the city’s high level of safety and security. Being a planned city simplifies administration and ensures a secure environment for both local and international tourists. Property owners can have peace of mind, even if they only visit a few times a year.

World-Class Infrastructure

Islamabad’s planned development in the 1960s and ongoing infrastructure projects, like the Bus Rapid Transit System, contribute to its status as a gem for property investors. The city boasts world-class infrastructure, enhancing the quality of life for its residents and making it an attractive destination for real estate seekers and investors.

Top 5 Most Expensive Property In Islamabad

From stunning penthouses with panoramic views to sprawling mansions exuding opulence, the top 5 most expensive properties in Islamabad represent the pinnacle of extravagant living. These properties aren’t just architectural masterpieces; they command breathtaking prices not only for their prime locations but for the exceptional quality and unique features they offer.

Join us as we embark on a journey through this elite list, providing a glimpse into the grandeur and sophistication that define Islamabad’s most exclusive real estate projects, including commercial, residential, and mixed-use developments.

5. Hyde Park One

Situated in the sublime location of Emaar Canyon Views within DHA-V, Hyde Park One is a multifaceted project introduced by UAE-based Wusat Developers (Pvt) Ltd. As a flagship venture, it embodies international construction standards and offers an exclusive blend of residential and commercial spaces.

property in Hyde Park One
Hyde Park One offers a diverse range of property investment options in Islamabad

Its strategic location, just minutes away from the Main Islamabad Expressway and GT Road, places it within easy reach of key points in the region. The project spans 13 kanals and 2 marlas, featuring seven stories of high-end commercial units and residential apartments with quality fixtures and fittings.

Hyde Park One leaves no amenity unaddressed, providing a double-height entrance lobby, security, modern firefighting systems, power backup, and a host of on-site services. Approved by DHA Islamabad, this project offers flexible payment plans and promising investment prospects, making it an enticing option for both commercial and residential property buyers seeking luxury and convenience.

4. Grande Palladium

Grande Palladium, a 7-storey mixed-use project in the heart of Paradise Commercial-Bahria Town, Islamabad, offers a unique blend of residential and commercial spaces. Developed as a partnership between Earthlink Developments and Zameen Developments, this project showcases 62 elegant apartments, customizable commercial shops, kiosks, and restaurants with stunning views and open-air dining. Its strategic corner-plot location, direct access from GT Road, and proximity to major roads and urban facilities make it an appealing choice.

Grande Palladium in Bahria Town Islamabad
This iconic development is set to become the latest architectural landmark in Bahria Town Islamabad

Notably, the project benefits from a user-centric design and secure investment prospects, thanks to its reputable developers and the surging demand for high-end properties in Islamabad, with apartment and commercial property prices increasing by 41% and 39%, respectively, in the last three years. Grande Palladium is poised to redefine luxury living and investment in the city.

3. River Courtyard Tower 2

River Courtyard Tower 2, the latest venture by Premier Choice Group, introduces a new standard of luxury living in Rawalpindi. Building upon the success of its predecessor, River Courtyard, this project offers an exceptional blend of world-class service apartments and permanent residences. The serviced apartments within this project boast chic interiors and contemporary design, evoking the ambience of a luxurious 5-star hotel. Each apartment features a balcony with breathtaking views that provide an exquisite living experience.

River Courtyard Tower II is the epitome of modern luxury living.
River Courtyard Tower II stands tall in the prestigious setting of Bahria Town Phase 7

Standing tall in Bahria Town Phase 7, the project enjoys a prime location, mere minutes away from DHA-1, prominent fast-food chains, and key roadways. Residents will have access to a wide range of facilities, including a 5-star resort-style living, a swimming pool, a fitness centre, a dining and coffee shop, a business centre, and much more.

Moreover, the project offers enticing discounts for upfront payments, making it an attractive investment option. With its exceptional features, prime location, and investment prospects, River Courtyard Tower II offers a refined and rewarding lifestyle for its residents and investors.

2. Grand Orchard

Located in DHA-Islamabad’s Phase-I, Grand Orchard is a prestigious mixed-use development spanning 17 kanals. This approved project is strategically located, offering a balanced blend of commercial outlets and contemporary apartments that promise a valuable property asset in the capital city.

location of Grand Orchard
Grand Orchard boasts a brilliant location in DHA Phase 1

Comprising three stunning towers, Grand Orchard is designed for vertical living, ensuring residents experience a comfortable lifestyle with a plethora of opportunities. Its prime location in Orchard Boulevard provides convenient access to healthcare facilities, educational institutions, eateries, and commercial attractions, while the DHA’s approval and ongoing construction work offer a secure investment environment.

With flexible payment plans and upfront payment discounts, Grand Orchard presents an enticing investment prospect, boasting a guaranteed 6% rental yield for 3 years on both commercial and residential units. It’s a project where excellence meets investment potential, offering an exceptional living experience and financial security.

1. Zameen Ace Mall

Prominently located in DHA Phase-II, Sector J in Islamabad, Zameen Ace Mall is a modern icon, seamlessly blending contemporary living, shopping, and investment opportunities. This 14-storey architectural marvel, approved by DHA Islamabad, features a versatile range of commercial shops, studio apartments, and 1, 2, & 3-bedroom apartments, along with remaining hotel apartments.

zameen ace mall is an ideal investment option in DHA Phase II Islamabad
Zameen Ace Mall is an ideal investment option in DHA Phase II, Islamabad

The mall exemplifies European architecture, creating a welcoming space for both local and international brands. With its direct connection to the Islamabad Expressway and proximity to educational institutions, commercial hubs, and key areas, accessibility is unrivalled. The project’s extensive amenities, including a multiplex cinema, hypermart, wellness club, and round-the-clock security, enhance the lifestyle it offers.

Offering a guaranteed annual rental yield of 12% and amid rising demand for apartments and commercial properties in Islamabad, Zameen Ace Mall presents a compelling investment opportunity. It’s more than a mall; it’s a lifestyle choice enriched by promising investment potential.

Ready to explore the promising investment opportunities at Zameen Ace Mall? Fill out the inquiry form or click on WhatsApp icon available on the page to get started on your journey.

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