’s Business Connect Event Marks its Place in Sialkot

In a bid to illuminate Lahore’s real estate scene, once again took centre stage with its dynamic Business Connect Event series. On Saturday, October 07, 2023, orchestrated a captivating event at Hotel the Jeeven’s, Passport Office, Kashmir Road, Near Zeeshan Colony, Sialkot. This edition of the Business Connect Event aimed to forge new avenues for Zameen Affiliates, arming them with the tools necessary to thrive in the competitive real estate market and bolster their revenue streams.

A Deeper Dive into the Sialkot’s Business Connect Event initiated its ground-breaking affiliate program a few years back, inviting both novices and seasoned real estate professionals into a unique collaboration. Through this program, affiliates gain exclusive rights to market and sell projects, granting them a distinct edge over their peers. This year’s Sialkot’s Business Connect Event saw 30 affiliates convening, offering them an exclusive behind-the-scenes look into The objective was clear: acquaint the affiliates with the inner workings of, provide them with essential resources to enhance their monthly earnings and unveil a spectrum of enticing projects they could actively participate in.

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