Non-QM Lenders

How to Find the Best Non-QM Lenders? [2023]

 by Amresh Singh · Updated on May 9, 2023· 8 min read The traditional mortgage lending process can be a challenging experience for many borrowers, especially those with unique financial circumstances or credit profiles. Fortunately, the non-QM lenders have provided an alternative for borrowers who may not fit the strict…

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Portfolio Mortgage Guide

Portfolio Mortgages [2023]: Definition, Types, Qualification

 by Amresh Singh · Updated on April 28, 2023· 8 min read Are you struggling to secure a traditional mortgage? There’s a flexible alternative to consider: Portfolio Mortgages. Held and serviced by portfolio lenders, these loans offer more eligibility criteria and term flexibility than conventional loans. They’re an excellent option…

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FHA Loan For Investment Property

How to Get an FHA Loan For Investment Property?

 by Amresh Singh · Updated on April 11, 2023· 17 min read FHA loans are a lucrative loan option for primary home buyers, but can you use an FHA loan for investment property too? In this article, we will unfold this mystery for you. From discussing the benefits and limitations…

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